Friday, December 24, 2010

Butter Chicken

A sweet and lil spicy North Indian dish goes well with rotis, nans n chapatis

Serves- 4

  1. Chicken cut into small pieces(boneless,skinless)-1/2 kg
  2. Butter-2 tablespoon
  3. Onions,thinly sliced-1 large
  4. Green chillies slit-2
  5. Cashew-nuts-15nos
  6. Ginger-garlic paste-1 teaspoon
  7. Red Chilly powder-1 tablespoon
  8. Fennel seeds- 1 teaspoon
  9. cinnamon,cloves,cardamom,bay leaves-3-4nos.
  10. Heavy whipping cream- 1 tablespoon
  11. Salt- a pinch

For Chicken Marination:
  1. Red Chilly Powder- 4 teaspoon
  2. Turmeric powder- 1teaspoon
  3. Pepper powder-1 teaspoon
  4. Chicken Masala-1 teaspoon
  5. Coriander powder-1 teaspoon
  6. Cumin powder-1 teaspoon
  7. Ginger-garlic paste- 1 teaspoon
  8. Thick yoghurt-1 tablespoon
  9. Salt-as required
  10. Lime juice-2 teaspoon

To make tomato Puree:
  1. Tomatoes-3 to make tomato puree.
  2. Vinegar-3 teaspoon
  3. Sugar-2 teaspoon
  4. Salt-as required

  1. Prepare a fine paste with the above marinating ingredients ,marinate chicken and refrigerate for minimum 4 hours.
  2. Soak the cashew-nuts in warm water.
  3. Make tomato puree in the meantime.
  4. For this boil the tomato, remove skin, remove the seeds.Mix it finely in a mixer. Now boil it in vinegar adding 2 tablespoon of sugar,little salt and stirring continuous for 20 mins.
  5. Shallow fry the chicken pieces in butter till they turn golden brown.Drain and Keep aside.
  6. Melt butter in a pan and fry the sliced onions along with slit chillies.
  7. Cool it and grind to a fine paste along with soaked cashews.
  8. To the same pan add the cinnamon,cardamom,bay leaves and sauté for a while.
  9. To this add the chilly powder,ginger garlic paste and sauté for a while till it becomes brown.
  10. Add the grind paste to the spice mixture and blend well and heat under low flame for 5 mins.
  11. Add the puree and stir continuously for another 5 mins before adding the fried chicken pieces.
  12. Cover and cook for 10 mins in low flame.
  13. Add the whipped cream and stir for a minute .
  14. Remove from fire and serve Hot!!!
Delicious sweet flavoured Butter Chicken is ready!!!

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