Soumya Vineeth
Too cool female. Loves to be loved and loved! Take life the way it goes... but make it more n more beautiful,  adding spice, sugar acording to one's variance! Well.. thats my policy of life. Life isnt a smooth running track. There isnt anyone perfect here, so am I. Lol!!!  When I got married a year before, I had to leave my busy software profession to join my Husband abroad, and the initial few days was too difficult for me to cope with. New place, strange people, language, no friends, nobody to even smile at? It was then I seriously started thinking of ways to occupy myself. Painting,Cooking, Learning Japanese are the only 3 activities for me these days, and Of course, loving my hubby. My darling Hubby,my Parents,brothers and friends are my biggest assets in this world, I am a big zero without them. These days I am crazily in love with cooking, and posting out some of the recipes from my daidokoro alias kitchen!!! Well, all the recipes posted here are tried and tested! SO no worries on health. Something more to add..salt and spice requirement varies from person to person, so please use your sense to make it out! Being a long time non-veg lover, I have mostly posted non veg items, but vegans, plz check out for my veg recipes too.. I love them too! Myself being a "foodaholic" and having blessed with an "eataholic" husband, I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes. Plz feel free to ask any queries on these recipes.